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Let them know

Let the Midland Arkansas School District know this won't be tolerated in 2010 out of somebody involved in children's education.


Let Superintendent Dean Stanley know how you feel: dstanley@midlandschools.org


Ip and I decided to go to MFF this year. We will be there with bells on... or fursuits... something like that!

Back in the Office

I'm back from Florida. Could it be? I have no trips right now! WOW!!


Work in Miami is over. Thanks to Rrruff for letting me crash at his place. Was great catching up with you!
Drove yesterday to Sarasota. I'm here and in Tampa until Saturday, then it is back to Orlando. Wheeeee!!!!

EF to Florida

About done with my two days between EF and going to Florida. I almost got a chance to unpack too! :P

Good news everyone!

After seeing the "modern" Red Robin, I figured it was time to update Myrrh. I am proud to announce the NEW Myrrh! I put as much effort into it as the Red Robin Restaurants did! I'm so hip and awesome now!!

Yay for new suits!!!


They rebuilt Red Robin and boy does he suck now. So boring. :(


Have Lobowolf, Chris Orca, Shutaro and Max joining us for the 4th. It looks like it will be wet, so we will look for stuff to do.
Also, have the work crew in painting the house. So... tons of people will be about Casa De Pacer!

Back in Austin

Long trip to Miami and LA. Glad to be home for a while this time.


I didn't really think this stuff happened. Got up at 3 am to catch my 5:45 am flight. It wasn't just raining... It was a Monsoon! Ok, car is packed... All I have to do is drive to the airport.
I pull out if the driveway and I have a flat tire. Son of a...! I don't have time to change it, nor can I in the monsoon. I wake Ip and have to ask him to drive me.
Now, his car has no AC, so no defogger. I have to drive his car at 20 mph with the windows open and a rag to wipe the windshield.
By the time I got here I was soaked to the bone.
Big thanks to Ip to drive me. I didn't know this kinda stuff really happened!!! :p

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